About us

Who runs this network?

We are a group of Christian volunteers concerned about climate change and want to make it as easy as possible for people in Edinburgh to help tackle climate change. Our vision We want to see Christians in Edinburgh leading the way towards a low carbon lifestyle and, linked with it, the rediscovery of some old spiritual disciplines and virtues which enrich our faith. We want the local church to be the first port of call for any citizen concerned about environmental issues because of the example Christians set in looking after God's creation.

Christians in Edinburgh could provide a critical mass of ethical consumers and voters who provide an incentive for government and business to respond in kind. So why don't we?

The purpose of this network

The purpose of this network is to connect up people in Edinburgh who are concerned about the environment, particularly climate change, so that we can be more effective and learn from each other. There are already many national campaigns and many disparate local groups and events but this site is designed to join up the dots for Edinburgh. You don't have to be a Christian to join in and we hope that anyone who cares about the environment and lives in Edinburgh will find this site useful. Climate change is so big and so serious that we all need to start working together on it pretty soon!