Preparing yourself

Before you can begin really taking action effectively you need to convince yourself of the following:

  1. Climate change is happening.
  2. Climate change is being caused by human activity, principally emissions of carbon dioxide. This is sometimes referred to as anthropogenic climate change and geologists have called the post-Industrial Revolution geological era the anthropocene because of the significant changes we are making to our environment. See the footprint of some common activities: footprint.
  3. The consequences of climate change will be very serious for the whole world, more immediately for biodiversity and the natural environment and people in poor countries but all too quickly for the rich countries too.
  4. God wants us (i.e. you) to do something about it and this is not conditional on others acting first.
  5. There are practical steps which are open to you: i.e. things you could do more of and things you could do less of.

Now you are ready to take radical action!