Low carbon travelling around

  • Car rental: don't buy a car, use theCity Car Club and pickup and drop off a car as you need it at venues round the city.
  • Car sharing, in Edinburgh or anywhere else for that matter: Liftshare, National Car Share or Freewheelers.
  • Cycling round Scotland: Sustrans.
  • Flying: don't do it. Read George Monbiot's book "Heat" to find out why he thinks that: When you fly you destroy other people's lives. If you must fly (e.g. longhaul to visit relatives), try to fly direct to minimise the number of take-offs as these are the most polluting part of any flight.
  • Public transport: anywhere in Britain including buses, trains, ferries: Traveline.
  • Rail: European rail travel times and bookings: Seat 61.
  • Rail: National Express East Coast and Eurostar now offer through-tickets to European destinations.