Books and Films

Try ordering the books from your local bookstore to help the small guy before turning to Amazon! Not all of these books and films are particularly Christian in sentiment but all are thought provoking! Some do not major on climate change but all environmental and ethical issues are connected.

  • "Cherishing the Earth", Martin J Hodson and Margot R Hodson, 2008, Monarch
  • "Christianity, Climate Change and Sustainable Living", Nick Spencer and Robert White, 2007, SPCK
  • "Corporation, The", Film (PG), In2Film
  • "End of Oil, The", Paul Roberts, 2005, Bloomsbury
  • "Hard Rain", Mark Edwards and Lloyd Timberlake, 2006, Still Pictures Moving Words
  • "Global Warming, A Brief Guide to", Jessica Wilson and Stephen Law, 2007, Constable Robinson Publishing
  • "Good Life, A", Leo Hickman, 2005, The Guardian (Eden Project Books)
  • "Heat", George Monbiot, 2007, Penguin
  • "How to Live a Low Carbon Life", Chris Goodall, 2007, Earthscan
  • "Inconvenient Truth, An", Al Gore, 2006, Bloomsbury
  • "Moral Climate, A: the effects of global warming", Michael Northcott, 2007, DLT
  • "Revenge of Gaia, The", James Lovelock, 2007, Penguin
  • "Rough Guide to Ethical Shopping, The", Duncan Clark, 2004, Rough Guides (Penguin)
  • "Six Degrees", Mark Lynas, 2007, Fourth Estate
  • "Tescopoly: how one shop came out on top and why it matters", Andrew Simms, 2007, Constable
  • "Weather Makers, The", Tim Flannery, 2005, Penguin