Climate Change and Nature Conservation.

Improve your understanding of the impacts of climate change on wildlife. Discuss how we make things better or worse, and find out how to get involved in some positive action. With James Pearce-Higgins.

The workshop will focus on three aspects of this issue:
  • A brief resumé of why Christians should be concerned with conservation, using scripture to illustrate the importance of creation and species to God. 
  • How climate change will impact on species and habitats, looking at some of the latest science in a user-friendly way!   This will examine both the direct impacts of climate change itself and also the indirect impacts of the actions we might take to combat climate change (i.e. biofuels, wind farms etc).
  • How we can respond constructively. How can we promote understanding of climate change impacts on wildlife? How can we be informed and use wildlife impacts to engage people with climate change? How we can do things to promote the conservation of species and habitats?

There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and interaction.

James Pearce-Higgins works for the RSPB.