Microgeneration in the Home: Solar, Wind and Wood-burning

This workshop explores four different types of microgeneration technologies that could be used in your home (or in your church).

Given the need to cut carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 to tackle climate change and the need to secure alternative energy supplies in light of imminent peak oil and gas, there is a growing case for microgeneration in the home, as well as energy efficiency measures.  In addition, energy price increases over the last six years are making these technologies more and more economically viable for individuals. 

This workshop will briefly cover four very different technologies, looking at their installation costs and challenges, payback estimates, carbon saving and running costs (if any).

Solar photovoltaics and solar hot water.  Neil Hollow.

On-grid wind and wood burning stoves to heat space, central heating and hot water.  Ian Robertson

Neil Hollow is undertaking a PhD in microbial fuel cells and has retrofitted solar photovoltaics and solar hot water to his house.

Ian Robertson and his wife Ros bought a ruined cottage in East Lothian and restored it over five years using the best environmental techniques and technologies.