Biofuels and Bio-fools: Sustainable Options for Cars

Options for making biodiesel from waste products using simple apparatus at home and what biofuels to avoid because they do more harm than good. With Prof Keith Smith and Rev Dr Duncan MacLaren.

Prof. Keith Smith will provide an introduction to biofuels putting transport biofuels into a wider context both in terms of biofuels more generally and in terms of the global perspective.  Do the current generation of biofuels actually reduce carbon dioxide emissions?  How do transport biofuels compare with other forms of biofuel and does it matter where in the world they are grown?

Rev Dr Duncan MacLaren will offer a personal insight into his experience in using biodiesel made from recycled chip fat to run two cars and touch upon the manufacture of biodiesel and the courses available at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales.  Can the 'ordinary consumer' can avoid using fossil fuels to run his/her car? 


There will be plenty of opportunity for delegates to have their questions answered and to discuss the many complex issues around the use of biofuels in cars.