Calculating your Carbon Footprint and Carbon Offsetting

How to calculate your contribution to climate change and how to reduce the impact of unavoidable emissions. With Eleanor Todd, Adrian Shaw and Brendan Bowles.

Eleanor Todd will be sharing her work at St John's Church on carbon counting and corporate accountability for reducing emissions.  Some members of the congregation have got together to calculate the carbon dioxide emissions from their utility bills and work together to reduce them.

Adrian Shaw is Climate Change Project Officer at the Church of Scotland and is working on developing a carbon calculator for use by Eco-Congregations across Scotland.  Adrian will outline where he is with this work and be looking for feedback as he takes forward the development of it.

Brendan Bowles is Director of Climate Stewards, A Rocha's carbon offsetting scheme.  A Rocha is a Christian conservation charity and Climate Stewards provides a means for offsetting emissions which benefits indigenous people and local wildlife in tree-planting schemes overseas.