Food and Climate Change: How to Respond?


How to cut down your 'food miles' and buy local produce and take into account other environmental factors to make planet-friendly meal times. With Daniel Gotts of Slow Food Edinburgh and Mike Small from the Fife Diet.

We hear a lot about the contribution to climate of the supply of our food - and especially the need to think about 'food miles', and to buy local produce. But 'food miles' is not the only environmental impact of food supply - we need to look at the energy use along the whole production and supply chain. We also have to consider the other environmental effects - positive and negative - of different approaches to food production.

This workshop will consider some of the pertinent questions in this area, including:

  • Supporting local producers, or providing a market for developing countries?
  • Energy-demanding local production, or transporting more extensively-produced food from other countries?
  • GMOs: can they help us adapt effectively to a changed climate?
  • Is organic mixed farming the way forward, or is meat eating the new smoking due to the energy inputs and methane outputs?
  • Do we all have a responsibilty to be less choosy about our food to help reduce the amount that goes to waste?

Come along to discuss these and other issues.