Every delegate will be able to attend two 50-minute workshops to guide their practical response to climate change. Please click on the workshop titles below for further information.

Theme 1. Communications and campaigning


Working with Politicians to Make Change Happen.

Discuss with politicians how you can engage successfully with them to make a real difference to legislation, spending and policy priorities. With Alyn Smith MEP, Mark Lazarowicz MP, Sarah Boyack MSP and Councillor Ewan Aitken.-


Tanka: Maximum Impact, Minimum Space - A Poetry Masterclass.

A masterclass in conveying the climate change message in punchy five-line poems. With Poet James Roderick Burns


EARTH: The Art of Global Warning.

An exploration of climate change through the arts. With Roni Pavick and friends.


Re-energising Teens: Engaging 11-18 Year Olds in Renewable Energy

With a demonstration of solar panels, photovoltaics and a wind turbine. With Iona Benge from the Renewable Energy Roadshow.

Theme 2. Community and corporate action


Action in Your Congregation: Becoming and Eco-Congregation.

Explore how to enthuse and equip your church to weave environmental issues into its life and mission in an enjoyable and stimulating way by becoming an Eco-Congregation (and joining almost 200 other Scottish Eco-Congregations). With Margaret Warnock.


Transition Edinburgh: Moving to a Low Carbon City.

All over the world people are taking up the challenge of transforming their towns and cities in response to the challenge of climate change and peak oil. Find out how to become a part of the of Transition movement! With Eva Schonveld.


Climate Change and Nature Conservation.

Improve your understanding of the impacts of climate change on wildlife. Discuss how we make things better or worse, and find out how to get involved in some positive action. With James Pearce-Higgins.


Take Action with Others - Setting up a Carbon Rationing Action Group.

Individuals across the UK are joining and establishing groups to support each other to take practical and measurable action to reduce carbon emissions. With Andy Ross.

Theme 3. Home and church buildings


Microgeneration in the Home: Solar, Wind and Wood-burning

Find out more about the practicalities of putting solar hot water, solar photovoltaics, wind turbines or wood-burning into your home. With Neil Hollow and Ian Robertson.


Home Improvement the Eco-friendly Way.

Explore how to do general DIY with less environmental impact (e.g. carpets vs wood floors) and the measures you can take specifically to cut harmful energy consumption (e.g. insulation, micro-generation). With Robert Swinfen.


The Bankfoot Story: (Re-)Building a Low Carbon Church

The practicalities of using recycled and eco-friendly materials in a church building project (with examples of materials on show). With Revd Iain McFadzean

Theme 4. Travelling around


Low Carbon Holidays in Scotland.

How to have a good holiday in Scotland and keep your carbon footprint small.  With Ian Gardner from the National Trust for Scotland.


Drawing up a Travel Plan for your Church.

Help your congregation to take up car sharing, using the buses and cycling to get to church - without losing any friends! With Michael Cosford, Sustainable Transport Advisor at Changeworks.


Biofuels and Bio-fools: Sustainable Options for Cars

Options for making biodiesel from waste products using simple apparatus at home and what biofuels to avoid because they do more harm than good. With Prof Keith Smith and Rev Dr Duncan MacLaren.

Theme 5. Consuming goods and services


Calculating your Carbon Footprint and Carbon Offsetting

How to calculate your contribution to climate change and how to reduce the impact of unavoidable emissions. With Eleanor Todd, Adrian Shaw and Brendan Bowles.


Shopping: A Quick Guide to Being an Ethical Consumer

From fair-trade frocks and fancy furnishings to white goods and white elephants, what (not) to buy and where (not) to buy it! With Prof James Curran.


Food and Climate Change: How to Respond?

How to cut down your 'food miles' and buy local produce and take into account other environmental factors to make planet-friendly meal times. With Daniel Gotts of Slow Food Edinburgh and Mike Small from the Fife Diet.


Composting: Cutting Landfill and Emissions

The workshop will highlight the problems associated with sending our organic waste to landfill and will look at the alternatives available to householders.  With Changeworks composting experts.

Theme 6. Looking to God


Responding in Prayer

How can we pray to the God who laughs at impossibilities for Him to act in this most intractable problem?  With Prof. Alison Phipps.


Conflicting Priorities: Humanity or Creation?

Join JAMIE SCHMELING of the Wild Goose Resource Group of the Iona Community for some songs, liturgies, scriptures and conversations around this question. Perhaps we are asking the wrong question?